The Lausanne Platform

The IIIM has, from the outset, worked to establish open communication channels with its various stakeholders and in particular with Syrian civil society.

To that end, even before it was operational, the IIIM met with Syrian civil society in Lausanne, Switzerland to introduce the IIIM, its mandate and explain its role within the accountability landscape.

When the Head of the IIIM was appointed, these meetings continued with updates on progress and more substantive discussions. In 2018 a Protocol of Cooperation was signed between the IIIM and the attending Syrian CSOs.

These early discussions in Lausanne led to a regular annual two-day event initiated, organised and hosted by the Kingdom of Netherlands and Switzerland. While held in different locations between the two States, it maintains the name the Lausanne Platform.

The platform brings together the IIIM’s leadership and staff with representatives of Syrian CSOs, to foster trust, offer substantive updates, encourage further collaboration and hear about their priorities. The IIIM actively works to include groups who have not had an opportunity to be active participants in the accountability process, including victim /survivor groups and family associations.

The platform aims to provide a safe space, allowing the IIIM to share in-depth aspects of its work, answer questions and further enhance understanding of the IIIM’s mandate as part of broader accountability efforts.


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