Who We Work With

The IIIM works with a range of different entities and individuals to progress its work, its primary interlocutors are:

Civil Society: The IIIM’s mandate recognises that Syrian civil society organisations (CSOs) are key stakeholders with information and resources that support the work of the IIIM. The IIIM prioritises engagement with Syrian NGOs, victim/survivor groups and family associations because they are directly impacted by events in Syria and are also most  in the IIIM’s activities.

States: Member States at the UN General Assembly were responsible for the creation of the IIIM. Their support of the IIIM and its activities is crucial to enabling the IIIM to conduct its work.

UN & International Organisations: The IIIM engages in a variety of ways with other UN bodies and international entities, whether it be those with a Syria-focus who may have material to share, or those with broader mandates that can progress the IIIM’s work.