Catherine Marchi-Uhel on the UN Podcast

Ten years after the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, the political process continues to be frozen in Syria. In this setting, bringing justice to the victims becomes synonymous with the alleviation of suffering. It is for this reason that the United Nations General Assembly decided in 2016 to create a mechanism, the IIIM, to investigate the most serious crimes committed in the country. Since 2017, the IIIM has worked tirelessly to collect evidence of these crimes before passing it to national courts that might decide to prosecute war crimes committed in Syria. This is how millions of documents are analysed by the team, which is headquartered in a mansion located right next to the Palais des Nations in the Ariana Park in Geneva.

Catherine Marchi-Uhel is the head of the International, Impartial and Independent investigation Mechanism into the most serious crimes committed in Syria, and she is our guest of the week.

Listen to this podcast here. The podcast is in the French language.