Deputy Head speaks at launch of the Anchoring Accountability for Mass Atrocities report

IIIM Deputy Head Michelle Jarvis partook in the launching of the Anchoring Accountability for Mass Atrocities report, released by the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC).

The report attempts to better understand the challenges arising for UN accountability mandates and how they can be best supported moving forward, looking in particular at the consecutive establishment and high performance of three independent UN investigative mechanisms (IIIM, IIMM and UNITAD).

In her intervention, Jarvis looked into the case for structural reform in the accountability landscape, especially vis-à-vis mainstreaming a VSCA into the work of accountability mechanisms, and the need for a centred but nimble information architecture accompanying it.

The video can be accessed via this link. Jarvis’ intervention is in the following segment: 1:02:36 – 1:11:09.